Our Recommendations for Equitable Open Data in Detroit presented in this report are the outcome of multiple participatory research projects and community education initiatives facilitated by the DDJC and DCTP around open data since early 2015.

We collaboratively identified the following questions to guide and motivate our research:

  • What should Detroit residents be aware of when it comes to open data?
  • What are the perceived benefits and harms of open data to residents?
  • How can we inform all residents and educate our communities about open data?
  • What can we learn from other cities? What types of open data policies, portals and practices do they have in place?
  • What does participatory and democratic governance of open data look like, and how can we help to facilitate it here in Detroit?


Below are summaries from our four key research projects. Click a module to read about our methods and findings and learn how each project has shaped our understanding of equitable open data practices.